The UK is experiencing a significant increase in Micro Mobility Solutions. Increasingly people are looking for quick, simple and environmentally friendly ways to move around, both for business and for pleasure.

We offer a cheap way to get around and with all the benefits of riding an electric bike. As far as payment comes, we will have an app which will remotely collect payments from riders as well as allowing us to track and lock our bikes.

We also offer a taxi service in which we will work with current taxis, and even plan to have our own, to deliver food, people or things to wherever they need to be. There’s no point in having two taxis going to the same place when one taxi could deliver both things. So, we want to reduce the number of unnecessary journeys and reduce the costs.
The aim for the future is to have our very own fleet of electric taxis making travel even easier and reducing the world’s carbon footprint.


With these taxis we also plan to offer an alternative to buses on routes that aren’t very busy. What is the point in having a bus run a route to take two or three people when they could fit in one car? That is why our service would be available, to make the world a greener place and reduce unnecessary travel.