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QGO Food


Are you a restauranteur, takeaway owner, or run a local store?

Feel good about collaborating with QGO

With QGO you can be Greener:

  • We use new electric cars and vans as we are committed to reducing CO2 emissions
  • We are reducing the number of cars and journeys on the road by enabling ride sharing of food, packages, and people.
  • We offer special discounts on sustainable or reusable takeaway packaging and other sustainable products.

Environmental issues are important to consumers and affect their choice of what and where they spend their money. Associating your brand with our eco solution will help you win new customers.

With QGO you can increase your customer base

We can reach customers who for a long time have yearned access to a good take away but are not served by existing services.

With QGO you can add value to your offer

You can book our delivery services via our Taxi App too, meaning if someone calls you directly, you can still offer a green cost-effective delivery service!

If you’re a restaurant and book our taxi services on behalf of dine in customers, you can offer to book the taxi for them and add the charge to the bill, meaning they don’t have the inconvenience of looking for change in the dark at the end of the evening. The customer will also benefit from a comfortable environmentally friendly ride home. Many of our vehicles are licensed for 6 passengers, therefore meaning more can travel together.


We will also give you a credit to your QGO account for each ride you book for your customers.

With QGO you will receive personalised customer service

We can appoint a dedicated account manager to help you grow with us.

You’ll have your own login to our system so you can update your menu at any time, make special offers, reach out to your customers by way of promotions. Here you can also check your account position and we have a number of reports to help make the administration easier.

Run a local retail business, Don’t be left out!

Why don’t you set up an online store and feature on our App? You’ll be able to reach more customers and increase your business, without using all your margin.

So what’s next?

How can we help?