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A cost-effective last-mile fulfilment service for businesses. Use the app to pick a same-day delivery slot to lock-in customer satisfaction.


Get your favourite takeaway delivered straight to your door with maximum speed and minimum fuss, while paying less for the privilege.

Turbo-charge your ridesharing experience with a service that uses sophisticated AI to decide the cheapest and fastest options for your journey.

What we do

Rideshare, takeaway delivery and courier apps have been done before. What makes QGO unique is that we combine them all into a single convenient, streamlined service.

Book a taxi, get your takeaway delivered, send a parcel – up until now, that has meant paying three different companies. With QGO, you book whichever service you need through a dedicated app, and we take care of the rest, intelligently assigning rideshare and delivery jobs to drivers on the same routes to maximise efficiency.

Three-in-one means fewer vehicles on the road, fewer journeys, lower costs.

Download our dedicated QGO apps today to start making savings.


QGO Courier

Take order fulfillment up a gear with QGO’s unbeatable same-day delivery service.

Businesses have never relied so heavily on the ability to ship purchases direct to their customers. And from the customer’s point of view, people increasingly expect their online orders to arrive at their door within hours of hitting the pay button.

QGO Courier provides a fast, cost-effective option for small businesses looking for an alternative to expensive traditional courier services. QGO Courier is just like booking a taxi for your goods – just open the app, select a time slot and get your parcel dispatched in a timeframe your customers will love.

QGO Food

QGO Food is the leaner, greener alternative to direct-to-your-door takeaway delivery.

There’s no great mystery in how it works – open the app, find a local takeaway and place your order. When it is ready, we will assign a driver to collect it and bring it to you.

Where QGO Food stands out from the competition is that we can save customers and restaurants alike money, as well help you do your bit for the environment. Because we use AI to optimise how our vehicles are used across three different services, we are able to charge less.


QGO Cars

Ridesharing apps have revolutionised the way we book and use taxis. QGO Cars takes the revolution a step further.

While rival apps operate via a ‘marketplace’ approach to hailing a ride, with multiple drivers bidding on a fare, QGO focuses on efficiency and consistency. We leave it up to our cutting edge AI engine to make decisions on who is best placed to take a job, based on current location, current fares, routes and destinations. That allows us to minimise pick-up times and charge less.

QGO Cars also offers a greener approach and a fairer deal to drivers. Better vehicle utilisation means fewer journeys and higher revenues, meaning everyone’s a winner.

QGO Shopping

Wish everything you ordered online could arrive the same day? QGO has the solution.

Use our app to connect with your favourite stores and book a delivery slot for whatever you want to buy. We will liaise with the shop and send someone to pick up your shopping as soon as we get the green light.

For shop owners, our fast, efficient local service helps you connect better with your customers and match the very biggest digital shopping players on same-day delivery. Thanks to our AI-powered optimisation, we can keep delivery costs to a minimum, while our use of electric vehicles ensures there is no compromise to your green ambitions.


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