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Driving With Us


Looking for a driving gig with a difference?

QGO represents a new kind of deal for drivers. Instead of the heavy costs involved with owning your own vehicle and hiring a PDA, instead of the uncertainty of zero hours contracts, we promise clarity, stability and fantastic earning potential.

How does it work? By signing up to become a QGO driver, you will hire out use of one of our electric cars for a fixed number of hours per day/week, with a schedule to suit you. We take a dynamic approach to our hire rates, so you can choose to pay a little more to work the busiest times with the higher earning potential, or pay less to work the quieter times. That way, we balance out some of the risks and opportunities between us.

The key point is, you only pay hire fees for what you work. We’ll always do our best to accommodate the hours you want to work, depending on vehicle availability.

A unique feature of working for QGO is that you will be able to earn money three ways – from picking up passengers on a rideshare basis, from delivering takeaway food orders and from acting as a courier for other goods. Three times the options means three times the earning potential. And you will be backed all the way by our state-of-the-art AI management system allocating jobs and generating routes based on what is the most effective and productive use of your time.

Business Benefits

Whether you are a driver looking to increase your earning potential or a business owner looking for a new order fulfilment option, QGO can help boost your service levels and your bottom line. Because we focus on optimising use of every vehicle and getting the most out of every journey, we offer:

  • Cost savings you can pass on to your customers.
  • A fast, efficient service that will boost customer satisfaction.
  • The opportunity to increase revenue by expanding the reach of your business.
  • A green, sustainable solution which contributes to your company’s net zero emissions targets.
  • Data-driven insights from our cutting edge AI platform that can help you identify new opportunities and strengthen your marketing.

So what’s next?

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