we deliver.

people, parcels, food.
we get it to you in an eco-friendly way.

Moving people.

The Key to a successful transport infrastructure is to have availability at the price a customer is prepared to pay. QGO is working towards providing a platform to enable passenger eco-friendly movement over a number of providers. Within our own infrastructure, we will encourage ride sharing of journeys. both with people and deliveries.

Moving things.

Parcels, documents, shop deliveries, we can deliver all. We can offer a range of services from on demand to fixed slot collections and deliveries. 

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Moving food.

Like the volume of sales your food app provider generates? We are sure you do, but are you happy with the cost and delivery service? QGO can help you by offering an on demand eco-delivery service, at a price that can mean substantial savings for your business. We offer a simple booking service which doesn't mean another screen on your counter! 
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