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Welcome to QGO UK

Moving people, things and food.

What we do

QGO is a unique solution that combines three transport services in one – taxi, courier and food delivery. Using the latest technology, QGO schedules shared rides, product pick-ups and drop-offs along the same route, making the most of every journey. Offering a greener, leaner approach that reduces the number of journeys made on our roads, QGO also promises lower costs for businesses and customers alike. QGO key features
  • Handy app-based solution that makes life simpler for everyone.
  • Electric vehicles with zero emissions.
  • Sophisticated AI/Machine Learning-based platform that optimises schedules and routes in real time.
Take advantage of our innovative new delivery service – order direct from your favourite store, and get it picked up and delivered to your door the same day.

A cost-effective last-mile fulfilment service for businesses. Use the app to pick a same-day delivery slot to lock-in customer satisfaction.


Get your favourite takeaway delivered straight to your door with maximum speed and minimum fuss, while paying less for the privilege.

Turbo-charge your ridesharing experience with a service that uses sophisticated AI to decide the cheapest and fastest options for your journey.

Our Services

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